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    What is a wiki?

    In the video, you see "How to plan a camping trip". Now, imagine hundreds of small teams coordinating via the wiki.

    Wikis are known to be great tools for documentation and communication, but what about project management? Documentation and communication are a big part of successful PM, but how about the rest?

    You want to know why to use wikis in project management? You want to know how to use wikis in project management?
    Projectmanagementwiki.org suggest you ideas about the why and the how of using wikis in project management. As the site is itself a wiki, you can edit it and share your experience but also your wishes.

    Target audience :

    • project managers
    • researcher in project management
    • project oriented companies
    • every person interested in using wikis in project management

    Why use wikis in project management?

    How to use wikis in project management??


    2008-04-18 lunch meeting in Montreal, Canada

    Just Testing

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